About Kashihara

Kashihara. Located around the center of Nara Prefecture.

Kashihara is home to the Fujiwara-Kyo Capital,
the first and most significant capital city in Japanese history.
There are many attractive spots, such as Imai-Cho,
which retains the atmosphere of the Edo period (17th to 19th centuries),
and the Yamato Sanzan (Three Mountains of Yamato),
which have remained beautiful since ancient times.

Manyo poets have deeply loved the beauty and richness of this place.

Kashihara City, with its rich history, has good access to transportation.

It takes about 40 minutes by train from Osaka
and about 60 minutes from Kyoto.
There is also a community bus service in the city
which is excellent for sightseeing.

Enjoy a tour of Kashihara, a place where people's lives
and history are in harmony, as you like.


More About Kashihara



Kashihara, where 1300 years
of history lies hidden.
The beginning of Japan
began here.

Kashihara prospered as the country's center in the Asuka period and as an independent commercial city in the Edo period. Many historical legacies have been inherited and cherished for 1300 years. From ancient times to the Middle Ages, modern times to the present, experience the stories that come to life in these times.


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History. Great views.
Old townscapes.
Discover the significant
tourist spots.

Kashihara City has a wide variety of sightseeing spots. Ancient tombs are reminiscent of old romance. Historic shrines and temples. Scenic spots that will move you.
Among the many attractive sightseeing spots, here are some recommendations for must-see places to stop by.


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Here is a guide on
how to get to
Kashihara City by train.

It is only 30-40 minutes away from Osaka, about 60 minutes from Kyoto, and about 100 minutes from Nagoya by train.
With good access to trains such as JR and Kintetsu, it is convenient to go to the Yoshino and Sakurai areas from Kashihara.
The city is recommended as a base for sightseeing.


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An English pamphlet is available.