So (蘇), said to be the first cheese in Japan, is highly nutritious!
From the Asuka to the Heian periods in Japan (from the 6th to the 12th centuries), so was a type of cheese made through a unique process of boiling down milk over long periods of time. It was known as a rare food eaten by aristocrats, and was also often used as medicine because it was rich in nutrients.It would be even possible to call this valuable dairy product from ancient Japan the first Japanese cheese ever produced.
Introducing Kashihara Hi! Cheese Gourmet!
Kashihara City is located where Japan’s first-established capital, Fujiwara-kyo, used to stand, and the city is pleased to announce a new local cuisine initiative associated with so (蘇, a condensed milk product from the days of the ancient capital). It features 27 new dishes overflowing with individuality created through experiment and tasting by restaurants across the city!Each is created with a concept for patrons to enjoy with their five senses, and their brilliance alone will have you instinctively snaping and sharing pictures with your friends. Visit Kashihara City to enjoy the variety of unique cheese dishes.
Cheese × Nara Produce = Kashihara Hi! Cheese Gourmet
Nara Prefecture is a treasure trove of local produce, including traditional local vegetables, fruits, and the Yamato brand beef! The Kashihara Hi! Cheese Gourmet initiative is devoted to the ingenious combinations of local produce and cheese.
Enjoying Kashihara Hi! Cheese Gourmet
Rich in variety, all dishes have been organized into three categories. In addition to each uniqueness, you can also find information on the types of cheeses and the Nara produce used, availability, and whether reservations are required.
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